Welcome to this blog hopping experience...

This initiative is set up to bring people together who are related to each other through their wonderful work or whose paths have crossed and they got inspired by each other!

It works like a chain letter, but in a less restricted and more inspirational way, handing over the figurative pencil in the form of blog writing...

In my case I first want to thank and honour my friend and colleague Karin Schulter, who is an inspiration to me in many ways, not in the least because she made the big step to move from The Netherlands to Avalon 10 years before me...

And then, after I've told a little bit about what I'm working on at the moment, I want to introduce Ellen Brouwers, again a great inspiration for me, who has just created a beautiful work of art and writing and Katinka Soetens, my inspirational priestess sister, who is setting up a Magdalen school amongst other things...

So here we go, starting with Karin, who writes:

“I was born in The Netherlands in 1954. I moved to Glastonbury in 1997. I have five fabulous children, six grandchildren, and a beautiful husband. And a cat. I knit. I find inspiration in nature and I recharge myself by walking, yoga and meditation, and inner work.

“I give healing/coaching sessions. I offer on-line and “in real life” trainings in Deepening Consciousness, retreats for women, and workshops. Over 900 clients have found their way to these healing sessions and workshops on personal/spiritual growth. I teach spiritual healing in the UK, The Netherlands, and in the USA. 

I live in Glastonbury, UK, and in The Netherlands. It’s a curious exercise, living in two countries! This is my website, with a link to my blog: www.karinschluter.nl.”

My (Marion's) Writing Process
So this is about me, what I'm working on at the moment, especially in the area of writing...

1. What am I working on/writing?  
I am in a constant process of developing my training and courses and other priestess work, like organised tours and walks, talks and workshops, which always requires more writing, adding, deleting and changing than I expect. 

At the moment I'm revising my Brighde trainings, which are life/weekend trainings as well as a Dutch and English online course. And I'm working on a workshop I will run during this year's Crone Goddess Conference: 'The nine gates of Avalon' - which will also be 'translated' into a 'walk' on the land of Avalon!

The other strand I am working are two books. One is a picture book about a little boy with eczema who dreams about shapeshifting. For this book the text is written and my friend Laura Daligan is working on the illustrations.
The other book is 'The Butterfly Goddess' which I've written years ago in Dutch (available as E-book), but has to be rewritten in English. This book is about a journey of a teenage girl into the magical realm of Goddess, in which she travels to sacred sites in Wales and England in her quest to find the Butterfly Goddess... 

2. How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre? 
I work from my knowledge and experience that comes with being a priestess of Goddess. I have been working with, or maybe better to say living the Wheel of the Year over ten years now and have gone through the energies of death, life and rebirth of inspiration, love, abundance and wisdom and of the elements. These are my inspiration, the old ways renewed to our time...  

3. Why do I write what I do?  
I write because I feel I have got something to share, especially with the next generation. I often say, if I would have known now at the age of 25, my life would've been even better! And I know teenagers who have grown up with this knowledge and they are true inspirations! I guess I want to help people to find ways to live their life to the fullest...

4. How does my writing process work? 
My writing process is actually the last bit of years and years of brewing, being inspired by my own experiences, storing them in my heart and head and weaving them into words when the time is ripe, whenever that is. The best way for me to actually write is setting a kind of date to have something written down, because I find that when I start writing, the words just flow....

So far about me...
Now introducing my follow up Blog Hoppers: 

First of all Ellen Brouwers, one of my true inspirations and heart sister, who literally changed my life many years ago, waking up my inner passion (which had been dormant for a long time) with a big BANG (she was my djembe teacher) and whose creativity is a true inspiration. She recently made a big step, away from percussion, back into expressing herself creatively though art in the broadest and most spiritual sense...

Ellen writes:  
'Religion throughout the centuries, with all its rituals, art, architecture and the status of women, remains a source of inspiration to me. 
My final thesis on the TeHaTex titled: 'Heilige Huisjes' (Sacred Homes), consisted of a number of theatrical purses, was the beginning of a long voyage alongside women through history, church architecture and legends. A never ending journey so it seems.
I create collages, purses, furniture and costumes. The materials range from precious metals to rusted tins, from twinkling gems to kitschy plastic. Applying traditional crafts such as leather working, stained glass, calligraphy, gilding and lacca contrafatta gives my objects a medieval look.
A mixture of wonder and doubt, inherent in legends, is what I want to express in my work.' 

See: www.herlegends.com if you want to be treated to some true inspirational beauty, and check out what she will write on her blog next!

And second (to none): Katinka Soetens, a true priestess/soul sister of mine, who again has changed my life and has been a great and loving support and inspiration to me on my path to becoming a full time priestess (as she is!):

Katinka Soetens is Priestess of Avalon and of Rhiannon; Goddess of Love. Mother of three, and originally from the Netherlands, she lives in Glastonbury and is a ceremonialist and international movement meditation workshop teacher, ‘empowerment through the Divine Feminine’ course facilitator, and healer. 
Holding regular moon-lodges and other sacred circles for women, men and mixed groups, she shares the Path of Love in workshops and talks in the UK and abroad. She holds Goddess ceremonies, trainings and workshops to honour the spiral of life grounded in the indigenous spirituality of the European lands, facilitates individual and couple sessions, and works as Sacred Sexual Priestess healing the woundings between the masculine and feminine. 
Katinka runs a year long Priestess of Rhiannon training for the Glastonbury Goddess Temple as well as a year long men’s soul quest journey: Brotherhood of Rhiannon, Path of the Lover. She is director and creator of Moon Butterflies-CIC, a 13 moon initiation journey into the Maiden Mysteries for girls., as well as the Modern Magdalene Mystery School which brings Sacred Sexuality teachings and trainings. Particularly interested in the sacredness of love and the healing power of opening the heart, she works with movement, touch, breath, sound, intimacy and meditation, flowing into the space of holding what is and envisioning what will become with clear intention and embodiment of Goddess. 
Katinka works as a doula, natural active birth worker, dancer, tantric massage therapist and sexual healer; working with sacred intimacy, fertility and body wisdom, healing, forgiveness and celebration, she brings her life path wisdom which has benefited from the meetings with many people, places and cultures. 

See: www.herpathoflove.com if you want to get touched on a soul level by the healing power of love, and check out her blog too!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog hopping experience and will continue to follow all of us in our ongoing work of creating beauty, love and light...

Bright Blessings!
With love, light and laughter!